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  1. Word of mouth is the best way to find the right products in today’s competitive market place. Social media lets you get the word out about your business. Places where people go to Like, Comment & Share pictures are the same places that people recommend to their friends & family. Effective social media presence is about brand recognition and people having conversations about your business.
  2. Cost effective way to have social media presence is to post on popular Facebook Pages with large audiences.  With the right platform, it is already there for you.  We founded Pasadena Deals, Reviews and Entertainment Facebook Page & Group for that reason.
  3. Mobile apps are growing at a rapid pace. Studies show, within the next two years, more people will visit your website via phone or tablet instead of using a traditional computer.  Now is the opportune moment to mobilize your business and start driving sales, deepening engagement, and increasing brand loyalty with your customized business mobile apps.
  4. Social WiFi allows you to offer free wireless internet to your customers and increase loyalty. Customers can engage with your business via social media, whether it's through a Follow, Check in or a Like. Upon logging into your WiFi, customer emails will be captured so you can engage your customers with special rewards and drive repeat visits.

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Payment Processing

 SC Business Solution small business consulting in Pasadena works with top tier leaders in the payment processing industry to make sure small businesses get their funds quickly and reliably without all the hidden fees and expensive rates.


Capital Injection

Small businesses face challenges getting traditional loans. We work with over 100 lenders to find the right solution for you.